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Sir/Madam, The City of Weston* has partnered with Periscope Holdings to provide web-based bidding services to their suppliers and contractors. Periscope's BidSync Links tool makes it easier for you to immediately receive and respond to business opportunities from The City of Weston as well as 1000's of other government agencies.

That's right. When you REGISTER FOR FREE with BidSync Links, you get access to 1000's of government agency's bids as well as all The City of Weston's bid notifications.

Get the Benefits of BidSync Links ™

  • The City of Weston's  bid notifications
  • Exclusive Access to thousands of in-network opportunities
  • One Platform to view, access and respond to bids
  • Daily Notifications feature opportunities that you matter to you
The BidSync Links™ registration process is free** and will take less than five minutes. If you are already registered with BidSync Links™,  log in here  to update your profile.

**To respond to bid opportunities from The City of Weston  there is  an annual fee of $99.

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