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What do the Non Ad-Valorem assessments pay for?

The Bonaventure Development District and the Indian Trace Development District non ad valorem assessments pay for the lake maintenance and improvements, the rights-of-way maintenance and improvements, and the debt payments for each respective District.

The Fire Services non ad valorem assessment pays for the cost of fire services, and the Solid Waste non ad valorem assessment pays for the cost of residential curbside refuse and recycling collection service.

Why are my taxes going up when my market value is going down?

The Save our Homes Cap limits taxable value growth to the Consumer Price Index or to three (3) percent, whichever is lower. Over time, a gap may build between the Save Our Homes value and the market value, such that the Save Our Homes value may increase one year by three (3) percent or less, while the market value falls; however, the Save Our Homes value will never be higher than the market value. Please contact the Broward County Property Appraiser's Office at 954-357-6830 for more details or visit The tax amount is also a function of the millage rate established by the governing body. Finally, the taxes are paid to a number of jurisdictions, such as Broward County, the School Board of Broward County, the City of Weston, South Florida Water Management District, Florida Inland Navigation District, the North or South Broward Hospital District, and the Childrens Services Council. Any of those jurisdictions may raise or lower the tax rate and therefore impact the total tax bill.

How Do I Pay My Property Taxes?

Property taxes are paid to the Broward County Revenue Collector.
The County Revenue Collection Division mails out the annual tax bills during the first week of November each year. Tax bills become delinquent if not paid in full by April 1 of the following year. Discounts are available for early payments. If you have questions about your tax bill or making tax payments, please visit the Revenue Collector's website, or contact Revenue by email at or by phone at 954-831-4000.