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How Do I Pay my Utilities in Person?

Water, sewer, and cable TV (for those who have Advanced Cable) only:

To go in person:
New River Civic Center
60 Weston Road, Sunrise, FL
On the east side of Weston Road, 1 block south of State Road 84, behind Westgate Square.
Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM

Garbage service fees are placed onto your annual tax bill.

How Do I Pay my Property Taxes?

Property taxes are paid to the Broward County Revenue Collector.
The County Revenue Collection Division mails out the annual tax bills during the first week of November each year. Tax bills become delinquent if not paid in full by April 1 of the following year. Discounts are available for early payments. If you have questions about your tax bill or making tax payments, please visit the Revenue Collector's website, or contact Revenue by email at or by phone at 954.831.4000.