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“Community Update / Informe Comunitario"

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) is continuing its quest to inform residents and visitors on highway safety issues.  The DHSMV is distributing "Community Update/Informe Comunitario" versions in English and Spanish to keep Floridians safe and informed.

Also of great interest to all is the ban on texting while driving that went into effect October 1, 2013.  Help the DMV make the public aware of it as we all need to “Put it Down” to make Florida highways safe for residents and visitors.

All information and requirements to secure a Florida driver license or identification card is available electronically at, (Spanish), or (Haitian-Creole). Knowing what to bring, facilitates a speedy experience when visiting to one of the DMV offices.

The State of Florida began issuing REAL ID compliant driver licenses and identifications last Fall.    You should be aware of the documentation required to renew your license in order to prevent having to return with additional documentation.  If you still have a older ID and it it not scheduled for renewal yet, bear in mind that the REAL ID will be required for US airline passengers starting October 1, 2020.  Be sure your license is compliant by that date.

The links above are the best source of personalized information regarding what documents to bring to a DHSMV office when renewing or replacing a driver license or identification card.  For more information, please visit

-Updated 05/16/18