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Hurricane Preparedness
Vulnerable Population and Special Needs

The Broward County Vulnerable Population Registry is a program that allows those who would be at risk following a hurricane to register in advance so that emergency workers may plan a better response during a recovery effort. It is not a guarantee of assistance. If a member of your famly may become vulnerable in the aftermath of a storm due to disablity, frailty or health issues, regardless of age, be sure to register them with the Vulnerable Population Registry.

The Special Needs Registry is a program that provides assistance if you or a family member requires special medical assistance in evacuating or sheltering, but do not require hospitalization. The Special Needs Shelter offers basic medical assistance and monitoring. You are strongly encouraged to register in advance so that the shelter will be adequately prepared for any type of needed treatments or medications.

  • Pre-registration at 954-357-6385 or TTY 954-357-5608
  • Click here to access details about Special Needs shelters and to download a pre-registration application (allow 3-4 weeks for processing.)

Note: The Vulnerable Population Registry does not automatically register you for a special needs shelter or evacuation transportation. For sheltering and transportation information visit